Vocal Blokes

Male Voice Vocal Ensemble

A community singing group who meet each Thursday at the old Salvation Army Hall, 209 Island Bay Parade to enjoy making music together and rehearse for performance. We welcome new members – e-mail us for more details.

About us

  • we are a natural voice choir;
  • some but not all of our members read music;
  • we like a balance of aural learning and learning from scores;
  • we enjoy an eclectic repertoire – including world music, gospel, arrangements of popular music (e.g., recently, The Beatles, Queen), a lot of canon, a mixture of accompanied and a capella, music with humour, etc, more so than classical choral repertoire, and we’re open to exploring different styles and genres;
  • our music is ‘heartfelt’ i.e. we enjoy a sense of depth to our music;
  • we sing in 3, but often 4 – 6, parts;
  • we are a male voice choir and enjoy a strong balanced harmonic sound;
  • there is a strong community bond amongst the group;
  • we are a secular group;
  • we’re interested in exploring our sound together – i.e. expanding the concept of the ways in which we sing together;
  • we meet to enjoy singing for its own sake as much as to rehearse for performance;
  • although we have regularly performed in public, we are not limited to formal public performance – we are glad to sing in informal settings;
  • when we do perform in public, it may be by ourselves but has often been in combination with another vocal or instrumental group;
  • we take our singing, not ourselves, seriously – we’re low maintenance and have a sense of humour.
  • we enjoy working with a director who sings with us.


Musical Director – Job Description

Vocal Blokes is a male voice vocal ensemble of around 20 members. Most of the current group has sung and performed together for more than 5 years.  The group was originally founded, led and directed by Julian Raphael as ‘MaleVocale.’ Over the past couple of years in particular we have enjoyed singing an increasingly complex and challenging range of music including a series of compositions by Julian Raphael written specifically for our group.

Following Julian’s announcement in August 2019 that he was leaving Wellington we have renamed ourselves and are seeking new musical direction. At the same time we will be looking to increase our numbers to around 25 – 30 singers.

We have four ten-week terms per year concurrent with school terms. We aim for two formal performances per year, with other ‘gigs’ and informal gatherings on an ad-hoc basis.

Vocal Blokes is therefore seeking a Musical Director to take over from the beginning of the second term 2020, i.e. 30 April.

This is a paid position with the remuneration to be agreed.

The group rehearses on Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 pm at Andreas Lepper’s studio, the old Salvation Army hall at 209 Island Bay Parade (near the Empire Cinema). Andreas is our percussionist and we wish him to continue in this role.

The Musical Director would be responsible for determining the choice of repertoire, planning and leading our Thursday evening sessions, and leading any public performances. If desired by the Musical Director, the group will appoint a ‘music committee’ to support them in their role.

The Musical Director would not be responsible for the management and administration of the group.  This function is undertaken by a “core group” which is responsible to the group as a “committee-of-the-whole”.

Although we are an un-auditioned choir, the suggested process for recruiting new members is that they attend 2 – 3 rehearsals and then have a conversation with the Musical Director as to whether they would be a good fit for the choir and what voice part they should sing.

Apart from Andreas as our percussionist, we have not hitherto had a separate accompanist – keyboard, guitar or other accompaniment has been provided by the Musical Director as required. This is something that could be further discussed with a new Musical Director.

We will be happy to provide examples of our previous repertoire along with video recordings of performances to enable prospective MDs to get a feeling for our sound.

If you’re interested, please e-mail us with a copy of your CV: mail@vocalblokes.org.nz.